With dedicated professionals since the inception, Mobiland has created its own robustly existed banner in its domain at Nepal.

The Darshan Mobi Care (which was established on 2061) retail at Kirtipur, Kathmandu is the main foundation been started by Mr. Dinesh Darshandhari inspired the formation of Mobiland to enter into new and wide world of the domain in 2067 as Mobiland Electornic Pvt. Ltd.

By the 2068 Mobiland was selling mobile handsets—distributor of various brands— and other home appliances products, as well as surplus mobile parts that were retailed over-the-counter in a Parts Department at the back of the store. Soon the firm started seeking franchises to sell new home appliances. The business was incorporated as Mobiland Electronic, Branch at Maharajgunj in 2069.

In the early 2069, with additional franchises and a small field sales organization, Mobiland began selling mobile sets to retail customers. A second store front/sales office was opened in Maharjgunj, Narayangopal Chowk, Kathmandu, 2069.

In 2069, various efficient professionals partnership formed by recent graduates led a private investor group that acquired the controlling interest in Mobiland. With Dinesh Darshandhari as Chairman, the new leadership foresaw an opportunity to transform the electronic distribution industry.

“Significant opportunities exist for us in the electronic distribution business owing mainly to the fragmented competitive environment, in which the sales of approximately 100 small distributors account for about half of the total market. It appears likely that the future will belong increasingly to those few substantial distribution companies with the financial resources, the professional managements, and the modern control systems necessary to participate fully in the market’s current consolidation phase.”


In 2070, added efficient personnel as a partnership formed again with the intellectual property, led a private investor group that acquired the controlling interest in Mobiland

Entering the 2070s with 5Crore of annual distribution sales, Mobiland ranked no. 1 among electronics distributors. This achievement gave Mobiland to grow double of its size predominantly at the market among the distributors.

During the 2070, by winning key semiconductor franchises, Mobiland assertively rose through the ranks, growing its electronic distribution business at an average annual rate of 34 percent. By the end of the year, the company’s electronic distribution sales had climbed to 30 crore, establishing Mobiland as one of the largest electronics distributor.

The aggressive growth strategy employed by Mobiland to gain market predominance required liberal infusions of working capital, for which the company relied on frequent public bond offerings that temporarily gave rise to unconventionally high levels of debt. Additional growth capital was provided through the 2069 acquisition of a cash flow:

Mobiland instead of doing retails by self has prepared to collaborate with various retailers and work with them in bulk to assemble the products and service of reputed company’s and reputed brands.

This process would surely lead Mobiland in a state to rise in investment, accelerated management and marketing skills rise in size of Inventory and elevated market performance with rise in goods profit for shareholders and participants expected.

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